The Colony Grill Room is located at The Beaumont Hotel in Mayfair, a listed Art Deco building dating back to 1926.

The restaurant takes its inspiration from the traditional Grill Rooms originally found in London and New York, with a menu featuring appropriately classic dishes from both sides of the Atlantic. Nathaniel Newnham-Davies captures the spirit in his 1914 ‘Gourmet Guide to London’:

“The modern Grill Room we owe, I think, to the Americans for the travelling American, who has his own very sensible ideas as to what comfort is, does not wish every night of his life to attire himself in a “claw-hammer” evening coat, but he feels that without that garment he would be out of place in the restaurant of any fashionable hotel. The grill-room gives him an excellent dinner, just as long or short as he likes, served quickly, in luxurious surroundings, and he can dress as he likes, to eat it.”

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